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I’ve been fascinated by cake design and decorating since I was a young girl. A lovely older lady from our church made some of my birthday cakes when I was growing up and I was so intrigued by her workmanship that she invited me to come by after school for some informal lessons. Thus began my lifelong interest in creating in sugar.

I made birthday cakes and wedding cakes over the years for family and friends and then my children’s birthday cakes. After pursuing other creative endeavours such as fashion, jewellery, millinery and interior design I found myself buying cake decorating books and magazines. It was then that I finally realized what I should have been doing all along.

With love of baking, the desired result being something that is as beautiful to look at as it is to taste, I constantly find myself seeing beautiful images around me and translating them into cakes. I love the creative freedom I have when I sit with a bride and groom who share ideas and then give me licence to create their dream cake.

In 2007 I entered my first show cake in the National Cake Decorators Association of Australia and won 1st place in the amateur division along with 1st place in the Perth Royal Agricultural show and the Lady Rita Court Award of Excellence. Following a few smaller local awards over the next few years my fairy tale wedding cake received 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the open section of the CDA state competition and the 2014 Perth Royal Agricultural show.

Nothing is too farfetched or too difficult for me to want to try and recreate it in some sort of sweet edible medium and I really enjoy the satisfaction of watching someone see their dream cake become a reality or the disbelief when they realize it’s actually a cake.

Member of the Cake Decorators Association of Australia since 2004

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